Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I'm not really sure how to start this blog. I'm an F1 doctor at a busy teaching hospital and have been meaning for a while to write about my experiences working in the NHS. This blog may turn into a place to have a rant about all of the things that annoy me about my job but hopefully there'll be some good things to write about too.

For anyone who doesn't know, an F1 is a newly qualified doctor. When I tell people my title the inevitable response is "you're an eff what?". Nobody working in the hospital knows what all of these letters and numbers mean, let alone the patients. Sad as it is, I was quite looking forward to qualifying and earning the right to have the word "doctor" written on my name badge. Unfortunately the modern NHS had other ideas. Perhaps they are trying to phase out the title "Dr". Somebody has probably done some research showing that it offends other members of the "mulidisciplinary team" or something. Combinations of letters and numbers don't offend anyone.

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